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About Helena Argona

Life without Art is Boring!

I believe that making things with your hands – such as painting or making jewellery –  is a great way to express yourself. You do not need to be an artist or find yourself to be an extremely creative person to succeed in this. I aim to make joyful and playful accessories and crafts, and to share my knowledge with you as well.


Welcome to my home page & blog.

I am a passionate jewellery & accessory maker. I started making jewellery twelve years ago and have since experimented with a lot of different techniques and styles. I love to make beautiful things, especially with crystals or recycled materials. I enjoy combining colours and materials in a bold, fresh way. The best things about jewellery making is the play with the materials: The conversation between the fabric, the beads, and the child in you.

I draw inspiration from the pop culture all around us, and admire strong women through-out all times. Frida Kahlo, Virginia Woolf, and Florence Welch, for example – just to name a few. My brand name “Helena Argona” comes from Greek mythology – not only is Helena my actual name, but Argona is derived from the Greek word argonaut which has come to mean an adventurer later in history.

I want to create objects that tell a story or move you in a special way – accessories that will make you feel attractive, and will make you feel good about yourself and your unique beauty. But most of all, I want you to have fun with me!



What else do I do?

In addition to crafts, I am passionate about languages and literature, and love to visit museums and go to concerts. You can find me in a beautiful cafe over a glass of wine or having a brunch with my friends. But above all, I enjoy spending time in the nature. Yoga is also an essential part of my life.

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